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{March 2, 2010}   Truman Show’s Essay

“Truman life is not real. It is completely constructed and controlled by Christof”. I strongly agree with that for the following reasons.

Twenty-nine years ago, a baby boy was adopted by the Orphanage to become the subject of the most popular television show of all time. His name was Truman Burbank. Filmed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Truman became a household name by living the life destined for him, but Christof who was a director arranged a fake father and mother for Truman. He chose a wife for Truman and even made a fake death for Truman’s father when they came to catch fish. Christof tried to control Truman mentally and physically. He did not want Truman to get out of his “city” to go to Fiji’s island. He did everything to stop that. He created heavy traffic, burning house, etc. He asked a supervisor to keep an eye on Truman. He prevented Sylvia from meeting Truman by forcing her to leave his studio.

Christof also changed Truman’s mind about his father. He made up reasonable explanation for unusual things happening in his studio. He became the master of sun, rain, beach, sky, etc. Everything Truman ever heard or read was prepared, scripted, and edited to control what he thought. When Truman saw, felt, heard, and realized that it was not true, he was not happy with his life. When the radio announced his car’s location, when he saw the man with flowers, the lady on the bicycle, and the beetle on a loop around his street, and when he realized that his wife had known everything that she refused to tell him, he knew everything was fake. The director did not want Truman to do anything beyond his reach because those unplanned things could endanger the entire show. Everyone in Truman’s world was an actor and they had 5000 camera in that “city”. In fact, the world which Truman was living in was nothing but the lie.

No one wants his life to be controlled or arranged by other people. And no one has the right to do such a thing. Even though Christof put cameras everywhere in the “city”, he still “never had camera inside Truman’s head”. We all want to live the life we choose and fight for our choice, and Truman is not an exception.


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