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{March 9, 2010}   The Truman Show’s creative writing piece.

Everybody knows Truman Burbank’s life when he lived in Christof’s studio but no one knows his life after that. Except me…

Truman went out of that studio and he saw real houses  and met real people. He just wanted to go traveling. Truman felt like this was the first time he went out of his house. He met a lot of people, who had been his crazy fans for such a long time. They tried to talk to him, elbowed to shake his hands because in their eyes he was a very famous actor. When he got out of Christof studio, he had no money, no power, no relationships so he didn’t have anyplace to live. But his audiences helped him by finding the girl he loved. On the one hand, Christof tried to catch him back to his studio. On the other hand, he had a lot troubles with his audiences since they did not stop bothering him. He tried to escape from both Christof and those fans. At that time he also knew that everything was fake even his mother, his wife and his friend. He also felt very happy because he was free now and could travel everywhere he wanted. The important thing was he could meet one girl who was long-haired and blue-eyed. He remembered that when he was a child he had met her and he knew that it was real emotions. He thought that they had known each other already. But because Christof didn’t want Truman knew the truth, he forced her to leave his studio. Truman missed the girl so much that he tried to make a picture of her by cutting every piece of other pictures he found similarities.That girl was Sylvia. They ran into each other and hugged. They kissed and they realised that “Sometimes perfection is not a good thing, and the truth is always the best”. HAPPY ENDING!!! =]


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